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We have filled our tool belts and garages with a collection of tools and gadgets that we consider to be, not only essential but almost universal to any project.

I’m a fixer. A tinkerer. As a kid, I would take my toys apart just to see how they worked, and to prove that I could put them back together again (and these experiments often had mixed results). Even today, I’m still kind of a shade tree handyman. In fact, earlier this week I had to fix a broken safety sensor on my garage door opener and ended up running new wiring for all of the garage door sensors and switches. I’ve also fixed electrical, plumbing, and HVAC stuff around the house, and have done many of my own automotive repairs.

With all of that, though, I’m no craftsman in any of those trades. I’ve got minimal skills in any of those disciplines, and would almost certainly get fired on day 1 if I were to hire myself out to perform those services. I’ve learned enough to be minimally proficient to do those types of repairs on my own, but not nearly good enough to do it professionally. I know enough to not electrocute myself, to avoid falling through the Sheetrock into my living room, and occasionally, I actually solve the problem I intended to solve.

However, there is one lesson I’ve learned in being an amateur handyman that helps me in my professional life, too. I’ve found that there is a proper tool for every job and using the right tool for the task at hand often turns a long and frustrating project into a brief and successful one.

LikeabeTools.com is the DIYers’ best friend, offering a variety of resources for do-it-yourself homeowners, crafters, outdoor and sports enthusiasts. 

Home & Decor

Make sure you’re always ready with the right tool on hand

Whether you’re decorating your first home or are simply looking to make a few updates, we’ve rounded up our favorite tools, must-have products, and more to help make the job simple (and fun!).

Garage & Workshop

No Home Workshop Is Complete Without These Tools

Does the tool make the man, or does the man make the tool?  Like most things in life, the answer is somewhere in the middle.  You need to know how to properly operate and care for your tools, but the right tool can make or break your project.

You can accomplish many home improvement projects with just a few basic tools. If you plan to spend some time building and repairing things in the garage or need to make your house more useful and better looking, this list of tools will get you started.

Arts & Crafts

Every good piece of art begins with a vision: a statement or feeling takes root in an artist’s head and becomes an idea that demands to be expressed. 

But no matter how far-reaching your dreams, almost any artistic vision can be realized when you have the right tools for the job!

Tools by Trade

You’re working on a grand design or a leaky tap, you’ll need a trusted tradesman or the required skills to fulfill the task, and as every tradesman knows, using expert quality tools is a must.

Whether you’re a painter and decorator, carpenter, joiner, plumber, bricklayer, fencer, electrician, or roofer, in fact, whatever your trade, putting your trust in your tools, helps you with the job at hand.


Every job is made easier with the right tools, so here is a list of the top tech tools that my team and I use every week to get the job done: software, apps, extensions, plugins, hardware, and more.


Sports equipment is needed in order to compete and succeed in many different sports. Without the proper equipment, playing the sports we love would be unsafe and more challenging.

Each sport has its own unique set of equipment that an athlete must have in order to compete and succeed. The type of equipment depends on the sport you are playing as well as what kind of surface you’re playing on.

From baseball gloves, cleats, bats, basketball shoes, football helmets, pads, and receiver gloves to elite equipment, we got you covered.


Whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard, or going on a camping trip, LikeableTools.com covers all tools for your outdoor needs.