Types of Garden Knives

Soil, seed, sun, and water are the basics required to begin gardening. However, gardening is hard work that can be done more efficiently with the right tools, such as a knife, in hand. Different types of garden knives are used for cutting, trimming, weeding, transplanting, and dividing plants, making them one of the important gardening … Read more

Different Types of Can Openers

Different Types Of Can Openers: Types of Can Openers

Have you ever seen old movies and cartoons in which the main character would bring out a hammer and chisel to force open a tin car? Not only does that look like too much work, but it is also inherently dangerous and would surely cause us to lose a finger (or four) in the process! … Read more

Different Types of Spoons and Their Uses

Different Types of Spoons and Their Uses

Did you know that in ancient times, people used to use shells or pieces of wood instead of spoons? The word ‘spoon’ in both Greek and Latin is derived from the word cochlea which means a spiral-shaped shell. Today, there are so many different kinds of spoons out there. There’s a spoon for every purpose … Read more

Types of Fishing Worms

13 Types Of Fishing Worms

There is a large variety and Types of Fishing Worms. Learn about the different kinds of live and artificial worms you can choose from. #fishingtools